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Partypoker Overview

Party poker really make sure that their name is represented in the game they’re offering. Whenever you are logged in to party poker there are two things that they can guarantee, party and poker. Party poker is a site that lately have been growing a lot and is today one of the biggest poker providers in the world. Today millions of players come to party poker every week to battle it out on the poker tables. Players come from all over the world and there are many reasons why. Not only does party poker have a genuine interest for poker, they also have a genuine interest for game supply and customer service. On party poker’s site you find all type of poker games with plenty of players on the tables. Many players want to be part of the high tempo and the huge amount of games that are being offered at party poker’s site.


Poker at Party Poker

The amount of poker that can be played on party poker’s site is massive and everyone that even has the slightest interest in poker will find games to play. What brings players to party poker is different for every player, for some players it’s the huge cash games that can be played while for others it can be the fast sit and go that are offered. In the huge variety amongst the tables you find tables with a high tempo playing turbo speed or normal tables with regular thinking time. There are also a huge variety of tables with different stakes. On party poker anyone can play no matter if you are a professional or an amateur, there are tables for everyone. The variety of speed in the play and the variety in stakes are some of the reasons millions of players choose party poker along with the great customer support.


Party Poker Live tournaments

As the big player party poker are on the global scene, they are also arranging a bunch of live tournaments every year. The live tournaments party poker are arranging has really strengthen their brand on the international scene. The professionalism behind the tournaments along with the big prize sums, party poker’s live tournaments have been highly appreciated by the players. The biggest live tournament of party poker is the WPT, world poker tour. UK millions and Caribbean party poker are two other tournaments that they are arranging. Every year party poker hosts tournaments all over the world. Apart from Europe, they are hosting tournaments in Russia, South America and North America. The tournaments are being played at different times, making it possible for players to participate in many tournaments every year. To qualify for these big tournaments it’s possible to buy in at the tournament or qualify in a tournament online to earn a seat at the tournament.



Party Poker Tournaments Online

It’s online on party poker’s platform you can qualify for the live tournaments in different type of tournaments. There are obviously other tournaments on party poker than qualifications for the live tournaments. In fact there are a lot of tournaments that can be played on their site. There are tournaments for all types of poker, for Texas holdem, pot limit Omaha and fixed limit to mention a few. The tournaments are being offered in different types of tempo and different type of stakes. One thing that is assured with party poker’s site is that there are players connected at all times. This makes it convenient for player, to know that there are always players online to play tournaments. It’s possible to make money of tournaments any time of the day on party poker’s website.


Party Poker Bonus

Party poker’s offer for all new players is really good. As a new player at party poker you can play for free up to 30 dollars. The bonus works so that you deposit 20 dollars and in the coming four days you get tickets to play for free for. The tickets can be used to play sit and go with for no cost at all. These tickets can therefore be turned into huge profit if you are lucky. If you play sit and go the prize sum vary for each round. The biggest amount that can be won in a sit and go is one million dollars. That sum of many is of course very rare and the prize sum of a sit and go is usually way lower, but the chance of winning one million dollars for free is a great offer no matter what.


Party Poker Cashback

Party poker has a so-called cashback for all their customers. That means that of all the rake you pay as a player, some of that will go back to you. The percentage of the cashback depends on how much you play and the maximum percentage of the rake you can get back as a player is 40% The money that is being paid to you as a cashback is yours to use. You can withdrawal the money to your bank account or use the money to play either cash games or tournaments directly on the site. The system of cashback makes it possible for a player to breakeven and still make a profit from the cashback or for a player that loses money to break even thanks to the cashback. As a poker player, more money also gives you more opportunities. You have more money to play more tables or you have left over money to try out new games in order to evolve as a player.


Party Poker App

If you wish to play poker at party poker’s platform but through a mobile phone or tablet it’s possible. Party poker has a well-designed and well-functioning app that works for both Apple and Android. To offer an app for the players really show party poker’s ambitions on being a world leader when it comes to poker. The app is very quick, smooth and easy to navigate within. To have an app with all these features makes even more player to log in to party poker every day. It’s clear to most people that party poker has put in a lot of time and effort into creating this app. This shows every time in the app and there’s no wonder why so many players choose to play in the app instead of the computer.


Party Poker Casino

As party poker grows their name in the poker world, they are also growing their own brand. Today party poker offers a casino alongside with their poker product. The casino might be seen as something that party poker just have on the side while focusing on poker. Even though it’s true that they focus a lot on poker it doesn’t bother the quality of the casino. The casino holds the standard of a very high-quality casino. In the casino there are multiple different games to play, one of them is slots. The variety of slots in the casino is big and it has something that suits everyone with the different themes of each slot. There are also card games to be played in the casino, such as blackjack, baccarat and many more. If you want to play the classic game of roulette, party poker offers that as well. All these games can either be played against a simulator or in the live casino. In the live casino you play against a real dealer instead of the simulator. The innovation in the live casino is big and you can find a lot more games than the classic casino games to play against live dealers.


Party Poker Odds

In the attempt to widen its brand, party poker has not only expanded with a casino but also a sportsbook. The sportsbook is easily accessed through the same site as the poker site. The sportsbook holds a high standard just as the casino even though party poker is primarily a poker site. In their betting sector you can find odds on pretty much all leagues around the world. You find odds on the biggest sports such as football, basketball and tennis but also on a couple smaller sports. Odds can be found on the biggest leagues as well as lower divisions. These odds are being offered before the game starts but if you’d like to place a bet live on the game, party poker offers that as well. The live odds are very convenient if you want to maybe see the lineup or how the game evolves before you place a bet. The live odds are being offered on pretty much all the games that party poker offer odds on before the game. The response time is fast and party poker offer a great product for live betting.


Party Poker Conclusion

It’s easy to say that party poker today is one of the biggest providers of poker in the world. This goes for arranging live tournaments all around the world and for tournaments online. The games available for cash games on their platform is big with a lot of tables with many different players over many tables. For tournament players there are plenty of tournaments available on party poker’s platform. Tournaments can be found in all shapes, with smaller stakes and a higher tempo as well as higher stakes and a normal tempo. No wonder party poker today is one of the biggest poker providers in the world with all the games they’re offering. With the excellent customer service and the bonus it’s clear to say that party poker is a world class poker site.