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Pokerstars Overview

Whenever someone mentions poker, Pokerstars is a name that comes up. Pokerstars is a giant when it comes to poker and millions of players visit Pokerstars every day to play poker.Pokerstars have been in the game for a long time and know how to deliver a solid poker product. For a long period of time Pokerstars has seen steady growth and is today one of the biggest poker providers in the world. Pokerstars is a global company and attracts players from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. With players players connected from all over the world there are always action around Pokerstar´s tables. There are always players logged in and ready to play. The frequency of players and the volume pf play is high. If you like shifting tables while playing, Pokerstars is a great site because there are always tables full of players no matter what type of poker you want to play.


Pokerstars Poker

Having in mind that so Pokerstars have so many customers worldwide, the demand for different type if games is high. Pokerstars have met the needs of their players and are offering a huge amount of poker. For the player who wants to play regular cash game poker there are plenty of opportunity. There are players online all the time on Pokerstar’s platform and as a layer this gives you the chance to play against new players every day. The cash game tables are for everybody, no matter what type of player you are. The stakes vary from small penny stakes to huge stakes at the pro’s tables and everything in between. This is one of the reasons that both amateurs and pros are coming to Pokerstars to play. Not only do they have different stakes at Pokerstars, they also have different tempo on different tables. That means you can choose to play on a table with regular speed or at a table with turbo speed. Turbo speed forces the players to make quicker decisions which leads to a higher tempo in the game.


Pokerstars Tournaments

As the big player on the international market as Pokerstars are they also arrange tons of tournaments each year, both live and online. For live tournaments Pokerstars hosts the European Poker Tour for European players but also other live tournaments around the world. Brazilian series of poker and Pokerstars live Manilla are some of the tournaments, just to mention a few. These tournaments bring players from all over the world to battle it out around the poker tables. The prize sums of these tournaments are big and the final table is often broadcast online or on television. To qualify for these tournaments, it’s possible to buy-in at the tournament or compete for a free ticket to the tournament online on Pokerstar’s platform.


Tournaments Online

Not only can you qualify for the huge live tournaments online, there are also a massive number of other tournaments on Pokerstars running every day. The tournaments online are played in all different types of poker, everything from Texas Holdem to Razz. Having in mind that there are so many players online all hours of the day on Pokerstars, there’s always some tournaments to play. The tournaments are shaped for all type of players, there are tournaments with smaller stakes and tournaments with higher stakes. The tournaments also vary in speed and length. There are lots of sit and go tournaments of you rather prefer that, of course these are available for different stakes as well. What makes the tournaments with Pokerstars so attractive to many players are the prize sums and the huge amount of tournaments. There are tournaments running all the time so whenever you want to win some money, it’s possible on Pokerstars.


Pokerstars Bonus

The bonus you get with Pokerstars is very convenient and generous. You get 100% up to 1000 dollars which means that if you make a deposit of 1000 dollars you are also able to earn another 1000 in money from the bonus. The bonus is like on many other sites a bonus you have to earn. To earn the bonus, you have to earn redemption points that later can be converted to real cash. You earn redemption points every time you pay rake while playing a poker game. How much of the bonus the player wants to earn is completely up to the player. The more a player play and pay more in rake then it’s also possible to earn more redemption points to convert into real cash. The time limit on the bonus is six months which means you have plenty of time to earn redemption points. How much you pay in rake each time differ from game to game. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to see how much rake is payed in the game you want to play. The bonus is available for all new depositing customers on Pokerstars.


Pokerstars App

Pokerstars has an app that works great for mobile phones and other mobile devices. The app’s response time is very fast and smooth for the player. Pokerstar’s app is available for players both on Apple and Android devices. It’s possible to play all the same games on a mobile device just as on a computer. Cash games, sit and go, tournaments and 1v1 are all possible to play in the poker app just as the computer. The app is very user friendly and you use the same account for the mobile device as for the computer. The only thing you need to play is an account and an internet connection. From there on it works exactly as it would on a computer.


Pokerstars Casino

On Pokerstars there are more games to play than just the poker related ones. Casino is another part of Pokerstars. You can pretty much find any game in Pokerstar’s casino that you can imagine. Pokerstar’s casino offer a huge number of slots to play on. The innovation in the casino is high and there are often new slots to try out. Each slot has a different theme and is played with a different speed and set up from the other slots. There are also card games available to play. Black jack and baccarat are two type of card games that the casino is offering but they also offer other casino games such as roulette. These games can be played against a simulator or in the live casino. In the live casino you play against real dealers in most of their games. The live casino gives the feel of playing in a real casino more so than playing against a simulator.


Pokerstars Odds

Another department that Pokerstars run is their betting and sports sector. People usually think of poker when they here Pokerstars but the fact is that Pokerstars also run a well organized sportsbook. The site for sportsbook and betting is called Betstars. Betstars are offering odds on all the biggest leagues around the world in multiple sports. It’s possible to place bets on everything from Premier League to Wimbledon. If the biggest league isn’t of interest for you, they have odds on way lower leagues as well. There are plenty of odds available before the game starts but it’s also possible to bet live on games with Betstars. There are live odds for most of the leagues Betstars are offering but there are more odds available live on the bigger leagues. The live betting part of Betstars is great if you as a player wants to see how the game evolves before placing a bet.



Pokerstars are offering a great poker product that brings players from all over the world daily. The huge diversity of players show that the quality of their site is appreciated in many countries. The amount of cash game tables they are offering is huge and there’s a level of play for anyone who wants to play. For a tournament player there are well over enough tournaments to play and the frequency of players is so high so there is always an opportunity to make money. With the global network of players Pokerstars has you’ll never be disappointed when you log in. No matter what type of game you want to play, it’s very likely you’ll be able to play your type of game whenever you want. Not only are Pokerstars offering this huge amount of poker, they also have a well-functioning casino and betting site. All of this together with the bonus Pokerstars are offering makes Pokerstars to a natural choice for players all over the world.