Publicerad: 28/1 2024 kl 13:09

State owned Casino Cosmopol closing in Malmo and Gothenburg

After concluding union negotiations, the state-owned gaming company Svenska Spel has announced that they will close their casinos in Gothenburg and Malmö. The decision comes after a period of negotiations and discussions about the future direction of the business. This is reported by Casino Cosmopol on their website.

The casinos in both cities will continue to operate as usual until February 24, 2024. After that, they will close their doors to visitors indefinitely.

Those with unpaid chips, tickets, or deposits at the casinos are urged to redeem them as soon as possible. Svenska Spel has promised to provide opportunities for players to redeem their assets even after the closure of the casinos, but it is important to be aware that there may be a time limit.

The closure of the casinos in Gothenburg and Malmö is a significant step for Svenska Spel and marks a change in the landscape of the gaming industry in Sweden. For the employees at the casinos, it means an uncertain future, while players and visitors will need to seek out other options for their entertainment.

Around 200 employees at Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg and Malmö are affected by the decision, the state owned TV channel SVT reports.

The underlying reasons for the closure are an increasing share of online gambling, but also the increasingly stringent Swedish gambling regulations that have significantly affected Casino Cosmopol's operations.

/Johan Sunnanängs