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Unibet Poker Overview

The big Swedish company has for a long time been recognized as primarily a sportsbook but Unibet’s poker has been growing rapidly and many poker players turn to Unibet for their poker. Unibet has grown into the role of being a poker provider and has really shown an interest in creating a world leading poker platform. More and more players are joining Unibet every day to use their amazing product. Poker players find a huge cash game selection on Unibet’s platform with many players creating a dynamic space for poker. Tournament players can play all sorts of tournaments every day with a variety of stakes and tempo. Unibet also hosts Unibet Open every year as an attempt to become an even bigger player on the international market. All these signs make it clear that Unibet want to compete to be the number one poker product in the world. Unibet is today considered a fast growing and serious poker provider.


Unibet Poker

Unibet’s poker fits anyone who has an interest in poker. The variation of play that is available brings in professionals as well as beginners. For both of these groups, the website is stacked with different functions and offers that makes the website better for everyone. The challenges you can play on Unibet is one popular thing that excites players. The challenges are made for players to complete different tasks. For every task completed the player earn bonus point that can be converted to tournament tickets or cash. To use the points you earn from all the challenges there are plenty of tables to use them on. Unibet has a huge set of cash game tables along with exciting tournaments. There are also plenty of different sit and go or 1v1 match ups if you prefer that. There are always lots of speed around the tables and the frequency of players is high.


Unibet Open

Unibet Open is a live tournament that Unibet hosts all over Europe. The tournament is very popular with its huge prize sums and the professional arrangement around the event. The tournament is being played four times a year. The cities for the event are London, Paris, Malta and Sinaja. Thousands of people are playing these tournaments and there are possibilities to qualify online every week. Many players try to qualify online to get a ticket to the tournament, a few succeed. The others are often buying their tournament ticket right on the spot to play. These tournaments are very popular and Unibet are streaming the tournament directly on their site for people to follow.


Unibet Online Tournaments

Even if Unibet Open is a fantastic tournament, all players do not have the possibility to travel to another city or country to play. Many choose the option to compete in tournaments online instead. For the online players, Unibet has a lot to offer when it comes to tournaments. Tournaments on Unibets’s platform is for everybody and that is demonstrated in their huge offerings of tournaments. Tournaments can be played in all types of stakes, both penny stakes and way higher stakes for professionals. The tournaments are also set up in different tempos. You can play super-fast turbo tournaments or a regular tournament with normal speed. You can choose to play bounty tournaments, sit and go tournaments or 1v1 tournaments. All these different tournaments can be played in whatever format you like as well. Texas holdem, pot limit Omaha and Omaha hi/lo are some of the formats you can play in the tournaments. Unibet has a wide diversity in their tournaments and there is something for everyone.


Unibet Poker App

Unibet has made its platform very accessible for players no matter what device they want to play on. If you choose to play on a computer, it’s possible to play directly on their website or to download their poker client directly to your computer. The only thing you need to do is to sign up and then you are ready to play. For Unibet’s customers, they are also able to play on a mobile device. Unibet has developed a smart and well functioning app for the poker players to be able to play from a mobile device. Whether you want to play poker directly from your mobile phone or a tablet that is possible. For playing multiple tables or tournaments it might be more convenient to play on a computer but with the mobile app you can play from anywhere. When it comes to playing poker in the app it’s just as good as playing on a computer it just not might be as convenient. The app is very user friendly and has a quick response time. A lot of players use the mobile app just as they use the computer to play. This is a great sign that the app works just fine for playing poker as well on a computer.


Unibet Poker Bonus

To kick off your poker journey with Unibet, a bonus could always be useful. Unibet offers multiple bonuses to choose from for their players. To see the different offers, it’s easier to go to their website to see the different bonuses. We’ve chosen to focus on the particular poker bonus for now. As a new poker player with Unibet you get 20 dollars in bonus that can be used as tournament tickets. To be eligible for the bonus you have to make a deposit of at least 10 dollars. After you’ve deposited the money you can start collecting points for the bonus. How much of the bonus you can use is up to how much you pay in rake. Rake is something you pay when you play any tournament or cash game. This rake will be counted as bonus money for the player. The bonus money can be used to play in tournaments for. There’s a time limit on 60 days for completing the bonus. If you’ve only collected half of what you could have collected in bonus money, you obviously get this amount to play for. There’s no must to collect all the points in the bonus offer.


Unibet Odds

Except poker, sportsbook is probably what Unibet is best known for and no wonder. Unibet’s sportsbook is a great sportsbook and a fantastic experience. It was with the sportsbook Unibet once started off as a company. Today Unibet offers a huge number of odds on a variety of different markets. Unibet covers everything from football to rugby, with football as their main sport. For anybody that loves football, Unibet is the perfect odds provider. On the biggest leagues like the Premier League and Champions League Unibet offers enormous amounts of markets and with high odds. It’s possible to play on everything from correct results to goal scorer but also other markets like corners and cards. Of course, Unibet has a lot of other sports as well. Swimming, dart, basketball, Tennis and hockey can all be found on Unibet’s website or directly in the app. What makes Unibet stand out is that they are a great provider of live betting. Unibet offers live betting on almost every sport and the app is very well developed for live betting.


Unibet Casino

Along with the great poker product and the sportsbook, Unibet also has a casino. The casino can be played from their website or in their app. In the casino there is a game for everyone, Unibet covers it all. There is a huge amount of different slots for the players. Every slot is Unique and in the casino you can find hundreds of them. Unibet also has multiple card games for the players. In the casino it’s possible to play both black jack and baccarat to mention a few but it doesn’t stop there. Unibet has a live casino on their website. In the live casino you can play versus real dealers in multiple games. You can challenge the dealer in black jack and roulette but also in new games like football studio. The live casino gives a feeling of stepping into a real casino while still being online. The casino really has it all and whatever game you can think of, Unibet probably has it.


Unibet Conclusion

To sum up this great poker site it’s easy to say that Unibet really is a contendor to the poker giants on the global scene. Unibet show it great passion for poker in the amazing games they produce. They have also shown that they are a great host of live tournaments like Unibet Open. The website is for everybody, both professionals and amateurs. The site is also made very accessible for wherever you want to play from. The app is a great construction that is both user friendly and very quick. It works perfect for both Apple and Android. When you are inside the app or on the website there are endless games to take part of. For the cash game player there are multiple tables with many players to sit down with. For the tournament players there are tournaments running every day. Overall Unibet is a great poker provider and offers something for anyone with an interest in poker.